Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

When conducting internal medicine or surgical diagnostic/ treatment services, dogs and cats may require a general anaesthetic or a sedation. There are various anaesthetic techniques suitable for different treatments and patients; your specialist can discuss with you the best options for your pets treatment. They will consider factors like general risk assessment, patient health status, drug selection, monitoring equipment and how to best ensure a good recovery.

We offer 24-hour specialist support with overnight case care provided by our emergency veterinary team. As always, we offer advice to referring practices and welcome discussion with owners if they have specific anaesthesia concerns.

Our dedicated intensive care unit provides even greater levels of specialist care, reassurance and comfort for critically ill patients and their owners. This allows continuous observation of patients that may require high dependency therapy, such as blood transfusions, blood pressure and ventilator support.

Veterinary Anaesthesia Services

  • Anaesthesia and pain management
  • Best in class monitoring equipment
  • Dedicated and highly trained staff
  • 24/7 intensive care support