What to Expect

Referral Patients

Your general practice veterinarian may refer you and your pets to NSVSC for a variety of reasons. Typically, you will have a consult with the appropriate specialist, who will work with you and your regular vet to devise a diagnostic and treatment plan.

Depending on the complexity of the case, you may return to NSVSC for follow-up appointments, or you may be directed back to your regular vet. In any case, your regular vet will receive both verbal and written reports detailing clinical findings, procedures, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Where appropriate, additional information of interest will be provided – useful references, comparisons with similar conditions in humans, prognoses, etc.

Emergency Patients

When presenting to the emergency service, an initial assessment and/or brief examination of your pet will be performed by a veterinarian or experienced nurse to determine whether or not your pet is in a stable condition. Pets determined to be stable may remain with you until a veterinarian is available for a full consult. Less stable or critical pets will be taken immediately to the treatment area of the hospital (which is closed to anyone other than staff) for further evaluation and urgent treatment. The veterinarian will consult with you as soon as they have assessed your pet.