Specialist Evaluation & Care

When you refer a pet in need of specialist evaluation or emergency or critical care, you can trust that NSVSC will act as an extension of your care. Following a visit to NSVSC your practice will receive a copy of the patient’s record, and where appropriate, a referral letter detailing clinical findings, procedures, diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

When available, additional information of interest will be provided – useful references, comparisons with similar conditions in humans, prognoses, etc. For patients requiring ongoing care, we will liaise with you to determine whether that is provided here or with you. Daily updates will be emailed to you for any of your patients in our care. We appreciate your dedication, trust, and partnership, and encourage you to call and discuss these cases with the attending specialist.

We Are Always Open

NSVSC is a fully staffed emergency, trauma, and critical care facility open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our dedicated team consists of Sydney’s leading emergency veterinarians and nurses, providing peace of mind and the best possible care for your pet. In the case of an emergency please come directly to 64 Atchison Street, Crows Nest. If possible, please call ahead on 02 9436 4884 and advise that you are on your way.