Avian Medicine

While birds are often easier to care for than four-legged pet they still have issues where you need specialist diagnosis and treatment. Our avian vets, in addition to completing an undergraduate degree in veterinary science, specialists must also complete at least one year of an internship, and three years of residency training

So be it parrots, parakeets, canary, budgerigar or other pet birds, our Avian team can help diagnose and treat your feathered friends.

Common Avian Services

  • Annual health checks
  • New purchase check-ups
  • Beak repair
  • Salmonella treatment
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Mites and Lice treatment
  • Blood and faecal analysis
  • Avian surgical services
  • Avian orthopaedics
  • Feather plucking treatments