Project Description

Animal Dentistry

Christine is a 1993 University of Sydney graduate who hated surgery and dentistry so much that she even did a PhD in immunogenetics to avoid anything remotely bloody. She accidentally got bitten by the dental bug while teaching General Medicine and Professional Practice at the University of Sydney, and gained her MANZCVS in Veterinary Dentistry in 2006. Christine founded Sydney Pet Dentistry in 2007, and has provided Sydney’s longest running advanced small animal dentistry service for over a decade. She has recently partnered with North Shore Specialist Hospital (or whatever it is called, I get so confused!), to provide her wide range of services, including:

  • fast, thorough and efficient dental work for higher anaesthetic risk, elderly or compromised patients in a referral setting
  • advanced procedures to save fractured teeth, such as root canal therapy and vital pulp capping
  • difficult extractions, including canines and carnassials, especially the ones you don’t want to do (small fragile jaws are a favourite challenge)
  • efficient full mouth extractions with 24 hour post-op pain management and support for stomatitis in cats and dogs
  • puppy bite assessment and orthodontic advice and treatment (yes, we can do braces but no, we don’t do them often)
  • periodontal therapy (more than just scaling and polishing)
  • dental radiographs and CT imaging for missing teeth, jaw swellings, oral masses etc
  • any difficult or long dental procedures you’d prefer not to do yourself (there’s no shame in that!)

She is also very friendly and happy to offer case advice as always.

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