Our registered specialists in Small Animal Medicine provide highly specialised care as an extension of your family veterinarian’s services. They are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of even the most complex and serious cases. They have advanced training in performing and interpreting technical procedures, and in managing a wide range of conditions.

Our internal medicine specialists have extensive experience in neurology, urology, endocrinology and gastro-enterology. Additionally, our cardiology unit provides a comprehensive range of services including diagnosis and treatment of all facets of cardiovascular disease using electrocardiography (ECG), echocardiography (two-dimensional, M-mode, spectral and colour flow Doppler), thoracic radiography and video fluoroscopy, and oscillometric and Doppler blood pressure measurement. Our internal medicine team liaise with the surgical team for surgical correction of congenital cardiac anomalies.

Our oncology unit offers the very latest protocols for surgical and medical management of cancer. Multi-agent chemotherapy for cancers such as lymphoma is regularly performed, with adjunctive chemotherapy for cancers such as osteosarcoma & haemangiosarcoma, following surgical removal of the primary lesion.

Emerging protocols for treatment of these cancers and traditionally poorly responsive carcinomas offer new hope of prolonged survival time.

Dr. Richard Churcher BVSc FANZCVS

Specialist in Internal Medicine

Richard graduated from the University of Sydney in 1970 and initially worked in rural practice in NSW and the UK. He became principal of North Shore Veterinary Hospital in 1978 and since that time has devoted his career to improving understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of companion animal disease in Australia.

He began his specialist training in 1994, working at the University of Sydney, University of Florida, USA, and Massey University in New Zealand and qualified as a Specialist in 2000, having been awarded Fellowship, by examination, of the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, in Canine Medicine.

Richard is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and knowledge to his patients, and is firmly committed to the principle of “one medicine”. He has special clinical interests in cardiology (particularly interventional cardiology), urology, neurology, and gastroenterology, as well as all aspects of cancer care.


Residency trained in Small Animal Medicine

After graduating from The University of Sydney in 2007 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons), Amy worked for the RSPCA NSW for many years before enjoying traveling abroad and locuming in the UK. Upon return to Sydney Amy achieved membership to the Small Animal Medicine chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Science and continued her employment as Senior Veterinarian for the RSPCA NSW. During this time Amy also completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Studies Small Animal Practice through Murdoch University, Perth.

Amy completed the Practitioner in Residence program at The University of Sydney in Small Animal Medicine, before moving to Melbourne to commence her residency training program at The University of Melbourne. During her residency program Amy completed a Master of Veterinary Studies at The University of Melbourne. Amy undertook additional externship training at Purdue University Nephrology/Urology; University of California, Davis Cardiology and Neurology and Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center (surgical, medical, and radiation oncology).

Interestingly, Amy also holds a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) from The University of Sydney. Amy continues to volunteer for a variety of charity veterinary organisations in her spare time and has a passionate commitment to animal welfare. She strives to offer her patients high quality care and evidence based medicine. Her profession interests include minimally invasive interventional endoscopy, urinary tract disease, feline medicine, gastroenterology and oncology.

Amy loves traveling, the outdoors and spending time with her rescue pets and family.

Dr. Laura Lim BVSc DipACVIM

Residency trained in Small Animal Medicine